A Blue Print For a Strong and Inclusive 

Nigerian Canadian Association

Our Agenda for Progress and Perpetuity

Fellow Compatriots,

This blueprint is an annotated outline of the Executives; vision (long and short term), for the realizable growth and sustainability of the Nigerian Community Associations (NCA) in the greater Toronto area (GTA) of Canada.
We seek your support in order to actualize these lofty ideas.


Executive Goals

Welfare of Members and Increasing Visibility Within the Community

  • Our goal is to embark on a sustainable membership drive.
  • Generate greater community participation projects aimed at unifying the community.
  • Develop a strategy to create and enhance scholarship programs that will aid our youth and enhance the relevance of NCA within our community.
  • We desire to partner with various organizations that cater to the Nigerian community.
  • We desire to honor and recognize distinguishing Nigerians and friends of Nigerians during the year’s Independence Day celebration.
  • Reinvigorate the Elders Council to compliment the Elder Care program e.g. Transportation/Carpool.

Social Agenda

  • We desire to maintain the continuous Production of the association annual Calendar.
  • Organize Annual community festival/Picnic and Organize the Annual Nigerian Independent Day celebration of the current year October 1, Nigeria Independence anniversary. 
  • Strive to sustain the communal interaction by planning and organizing quarterly meeting with the Presidents and Social Secretaries of all the satellite associations/clubs. 
  • Collaborate and participate in/with other communities in the GTA during various parades/functions in the community, including the July 1, as Canada Day.


  • To develop strategies to maintain youth presence and involvement within the NCA community and the Canadian mainstream.
  • Develop a framework that encompasses Nigerian Students community integration network.
  • Plan and organize youth convention.

Nigerian House

  • Continue on the foundation laid by the previous Nigerian house committee to actualize the establishment of a Nigerian Community activity centre. 
  • We will strongly support and implement new and lasting (perpetuity) funding initiative developed by the committee responsible for financial matter.
  • Explore the possibility of getting charitable status/number. 
  • To facilitate this activity, we will again explore the possibility of establishing an Executive Director/Consultant position as stipulated in the Constitution. 

Effective and Strong Advocacy for Nigerians


  • NCA will continue to develop an organizational structure that will enhance our advocacy efforts as we position our association as a viable advocacy group for all Nigerians. 
  • We will continue to prevail on the Nigerian government to create a consular office in Toronto. 
  • We will intensify our effort at registering with the necessary government agencies, collaborating with other immigrant and other communities. 
  • Explore available resources and visibly Access all available existing government programs for community groups. 
  • Liaise with the various government agencies and corporate entities in mainstream Canada to position NCA as a viable socio-cultural community group. 
  • Encourage the communal participation in Political Activism. Positively respond to any political overtures from home and within Canada.


Improved Internal and External Communication

As we speak our website (www.ncatoronto.org) is being restructured to reflect this objective.We will put our website to optimal use by making it a one-stop shop for all relevant information concerning NCA and other useful local, national and international information that will positively impact Nigerians. Other communication apparatus will include: newsletter, annual magazine, annual calendar and social media.